Friday, July 24, 2015


It's so nice to see y'all here today! I just wanted to share with you how much I appreciate you visiting "The Lavender Bouquet" and being part of my life's journey.....

Since marrying my husband "38" years ago, our lives have been enriched beyond belief. We started as two young kids from a small town in rural Western NY. After graduating from college my husband was hired at General Motors. He finished grad school in WNY and was then transferred to the General Motors facility in Moriane, Ohio. By then we had three small daughters........

Moving away from family was the most difficult decision we made as a couple. Family is, and always will be, very important to both of us. Over the years we have made a concerted effort to instill our value of family in our daughters as well.

Many job relocation's later, and a complete career change for my husband (from making cars to medical device implantables & oral cancer detection devices), our family has persevered, survived and thrived on being successful under great odds. 

So as my husband and I settle into our new temporary apartment, and start our search for our new home once again, I am feeling excited about sharing the new beginnings that lie ahead. I'm thankful for this unique opportunity that has been presented to my husband, enabling him to share his wealth of knowledge and expertise to continue to improve the quality of life for so many individuals.

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I've learned that in life there are moments we need to stop, and reflect on our lives in general. God's path for us may not always be in perfect focus or as we had imagined......but our blessings extend way beyond that perfect lens!

I hope you'll follow along on our journey as we make our new home in Dallas, Texas!