Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I love browsing the pages and pages of PINTEREST ideas in search of inspiration. There were many posts I saw with crafters taking ordinary wine bottles and transforming them into vases, candle holders and many other beautiful objects. It's a great way to recycle those wine bottles from the last party!

I love adding interesting objects to my tablescapes so with that in mind I got busy.......


I set up shop in my garage. The spray leaves a powdery residue that spreads quite easily into the air. It is wise to spray in a well ventilated area. To set the stage for you......

1.  Start by soaking the wine bottles in a laundry tub full of hot water. I changed the water twice.
2.  Then scrape away the labels.
3.  Once the labels are removed, there was a glue residue left behind. Use GOO GONE
 to remove the remaining glue on the bottles. Thank goodness for GOO GONE!
4. Rewash the bottles and let them dry thoroughly for a day or the bottles are ready for painting.
5. Spray each bottle with several coats of Rust Oleum Frosted Glass paint.
(Each coat changed my green wine bottles into a deeper frosty look.) 

**The number of coats of paint you apply is up to you. Apply until you get the color result you are looking for.

Below are the results...a beautiful soft sea blue....something I wasn't planning on, however, I LOVED them in the end! Keep in mind I used CLEAR Frosted spray paint!

This DIY doesn't take a savvy DIY'er to accomplish.......any novice can do this. Why not give it a try, and give your tablescape the height, interest, and color that's so easy to achieve..... using simple wine bottles!

                                                           Happy Frosting!