Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I love unique napkin rings especially when I can make them! Today's DIY is a Twine Napkin Ring that is so easy even the kids can help!

I was getting ready to host a nautical themed party and was struggling what to use for my napkin ring. I've been seeing blogs that wrap votive cups, vases, etc. and then it hit me, why not use twine to make a napkin ring.

I used the following materials and process for this easy DIY......

My fingers did get a bit sticky from time to time, so after a quick wash, I was right back at the winding and pressing.

For my party I didn't require any decorative touches to top of the napkin ring, but I think they would be beautiful with a fresh flower, brooch or anything your imagination can conjure up.

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY!

                                                        Have a wonderful day!