Monday, December 1, 2014


Good Morning Monday!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My family all traveled back to WNY and we spent a few days with family. It's always a few jam packed days! 

I've been busy as a Christmas elf putting together ideas for the closely approaching Christmas holiday season. Today's blog is a Holiday Peppermint Tablescape.

I love carnations! Martha Stewart says that carnations today get a bad rap, but that wasn't so centuries ago. They were used in royal weddings because they were considered a very sought after flower.

My thoughts about carnations......they are easily accessible all year long from florists to supermarkets. They pack a powerful burst of color when grouped into a tight bouquet. They are cost effective when decorating and "in my opinion" should not be snubbed!

The centerpiece for my Peppermint Tablescape is topped with a large round ball of Red Carnations. It sits on a glass vessel filled with candy canes. What could be more powerful. The deep red is shouting Merry Christmas!

Take a closer look......gorgeous!!

To make the topiary you will need...

1.  Red carnations--how many you will need depends on the size of the foam ball you are covering.
2.  One Styrofoam ball--size appropriate to your vase.

1.  Cut each carnation so that you have a small tiny stem to poke into the foam. Start in rows and work around the ball.

****Make this in the morning for an evening dinner or event.

A little red and white makes a fun Christmas tablescape and it all started with my love for carnations!

Wishing you all a colorful holiday!