Friday, November 21, 2014


 Welcome to Foodie Friday!

It's always so fun to get together with girlfriends for lunch. Even though I usually like to make all of the food for our luncheons myself, I am slowly learning there are things I must "relinquish control" of. One of those things is dessert.

Are you familiar with sugared fruit? For years I've admired this elegant concept. It's stunning, yet simple, in particular when beautifully arranged on tiered cake plates or strategically placed on a layer cake.

I wanted a little "wow factor" for our girls luncheon, but time was short. So remember how I said I was going to "relinquish a bit of control?" I did!

I ran to our local supermarket which has a fantastic bakery with the most delicious cakes. I bought a two-tiered vanilla cake frosted with a simple white vanilla frosting.

I've been at events where simple cakes dressed with sugared fruit were not only our dessert, but were the centerpiece on the table. I've always thought what a beautiful presentation they make.

After searching the web for "how to" instructions, I thought it was about time that I attempted to make one of these beauties. So here goes......

I chose pears, strawberries, black berries, raspberries and grapes to decorate with.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the process is. 

Getting started.....

1. Clean, wash and dry the fruit first.
2. Brush fruit with unflavored gelatin. (follow recipe)
3. Sprinkle with superfine sugar and let dry overnight.

The following link will take you to the recipe and instructions that I used:

I chose this particular recipe because I wanted everything to be eatible and safe.There are other recipes out there that use egg whites which would be fine if you were just assembling the fruit for a centerpiece....not eating it.

 (The pear appears a bit large in the photo, but "live" it was just the right size.)


There you have first attempt at an Elegant Sugared Fruit Cake. I'm feeling pretty smitten with myself right now. And I'm also wondering why I never tried this before!

Now it's your turn....go sugar your fruit and share your photos with us! We' LOVE to see them!

I close today with a very important message... I wish my hubby, the man that captured my heart many moons ago, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! xx


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