Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Hi Friends!

Well I'm in full party mode. So many things on the "to do" list that I've numbered them and checked them off when completed. I would hate to miss something.

Today's my food prep day. As I gathered all of the ingredients I need for all of the recipes, I grabbed my trusty Williams Sonoma apron first! Yep, that's me.....I don't do anything without my apron. It's my "necessary accessory" while cooking or baking anything. It's right up there with my favorite pair of slippers and work out pants! 

I wear my dingy red and white striped apron everyday. It was a gift from one of my daughters a long time ago! As I pulled my apron from the drawer today I thought, oh dear, this is bad.....those stains look horrible. It's time to start searching for a new friend.

Do you wear aprons? Have you seen the pretty new aprons out there? I love the styles. Let's check out some new "necessary accessories."

Oh how cute.....

Look at this little vintage number....I think I could channel June Clever with this one.........

Dorothy Aqua Apron Image

Or this monogrammed apron.....the choices are endless let's see monogram or embroider something cutesy.....
ON SALE Monogram Apron Personalized Womens Aprons 3 Pockets Great Gift. Many Colors To Choose From. - EMBROIDERED

What's your apron style? Are you ready for a "necessary accessory" change like me? What a fun way to express our personalities. Gee, maybe I'll even add mine to my Christmas list. hint hint

Wishing you a wonderful something today that makes you smile!


***Many thanks to
                                Kalies Kids on Etsy