Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Good Morning Wednesday my friends!

I'm finally settling back into my schedule after having a very busy wonderful family weekend.

Before leaving town I made a few lists and one of them included DIY projects for Christmas. Yes, I'm thinking past Thanksgiving for a moment. I find if I start early handling the holiday list, the less stressed I am the month of December. 

Today's blog is a super easy DIY ornament project. I was browsing through the pages of an everything monogram catalog. They were charging 10-15 dollars for a simple clear ornament with a single monogram letter on the front, and a thin colorful ribbon as the hanger. I looked twice at the price and then thought I would tackle this project and share with all of you how easy and inexpensive this project really can be.

After  a quick trip to Hobby Lobby I came home with the following:

-1 box of 12 incandescent ornaments-40% off-5.39
-2 pkgs. silver/gold stickers-40% off-2.39 each

Total purchase-- 
$20.17 and I can make 12 ornaments!!

I had ribbon and some small red jingle bells on hand, so I just used those to make the ornament below. You may use anything to fill the ornament with and color choice is yours too.

1.  Apply the monogram sticker wherever you determine your front to be.
2. Fill ornament with any holiday items: bells, glitter, etc.
3. Cut ribbon to size and knot it.

It's as easy as that! You can also stencil a design on the side for a different effect.

These make terrific gifts for office friends, classmates, or someone special. Have fun!

Wishing you a crafty day!