Monday, September 15, 2014


Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Today's blog is all about how a simple decoupaged pumpkin can turn a mantel into a Golden Fall vision

The Caspari cocktail napkins actually set the color pallette for, crimson and orange. I'm such a fan of those 
colors in the fall. 

The mantel is tall and a bit wide, sometimes making it difficult to photograph in it's entirety. This view is the center of the mantel. Of course the decoupaged pumpkin takes centerstage. Easy drapped fall garland, leaves, mercury glass vases filled with golden pinecones, and golden spray painted mini pumpkins complete the center. 

Note the golden pumpkin on the left. Isn't it pretty? I love all of the textureThat little guy came from my favorite Dollar Tree store and used to look like this.......

After a good coat of gold spray paint he looks like this.......I love how the texture is accentuated by just giving it a shiny coat of paint.

Here's a side peek with the candlestick. I took advantage of the Pottery Barn sale last week and bought a pair of Theroux candlesticks. I love the timeless style and the bands of silver shine to them.

It's hard to believe that the mantel inspiration actually began with a napkin. Even the simplest things can give us inspiration to create something beautiful! Never underestimate the power of a napkin!

Wishing you a beautiful day!


See you on Wednesday!