Thursday, August 28, 2014


GOOD MORNING and WELCOME to Thursday my friends,

I'm sure you are thinking TLB on Thursday? Well, I wanted to share some news with you!

TLB is adding a new blog post published only on Thursdays called........


As I browsed the internet over the past year since starting my blog, I realized there is so much talent out there in social media that we never get exposed to. It's time consuming for us to surf the internet and who has the time? 

I find it exciting and exhilarating to find beautiful things. I'm fascinated with the creators of such beauty and admire their talents. Sometimes they inspire an inner creativity in me that's been stuffed away for years, and sometimes it's just nice to admire from afar their talents. 

Lately as I have been surfing, it came to me, wouldn't it be awesome to share some of the talent and beauty I am finding in social media land with all of you. So as not to overload you, I chose Thursday for my new post. It will include everything from highlighting talented bloggers, artists, and decorators, to discovering websites featuring unique finds for the home.....all unfolding each week with a new discovery.

So I WELCOME you to the first HOT OFF THE PRESS----TLB's DIVINE FIND----
featuring the talented designer EDDIE ROSS! 

 A couple tidbits about Eddie......He started his profession in the culinary field, has worked as Sr.Style Editor at Martha Stewart Living, and is currently in design studio and creative marketing consultancy.

I hope you enjoy today's post about the talented Eddie Ross!

Wishing you a colorful day!