Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Summers in our house are for family and fun! We like to visit each of our daughters for a little "catch-up" time, giving us a little taste of their world. Usually the trips end up with some local sight seeing or attending local events, and dining at some pretty interesting places.

Our youngest lives in Chicago. There is never a lack of what to do while when visiting her. She found a great festival this year called the Randolph Market Festival. It's a large parking lot and building full of Antiques, Vintage wares, jewelry and Decorator finds.

There are several other markets on the calender for the remainder of the year including a Holiday Market in December too. You may find more info at:

We had a great time browsing the booths of beautiful treasures!

First photo left--Treasures and Trash from Mendota, IL
 I LOVED the farm table, but it wouldn't fit in my suitcase!

Photo #3 Chicago Salvage
My daughter loved this bar made from salvaged wood and steel. The cute guy in the back doesn't go with it though! :)
When I was young we had a sofa with this type of nylon fabric in red. It wasn't sectional but it was nearly the same fabric!

We browsed the market with Dinky Donuts (the tiniest little light donuts ever!!) and a cup of coffee.

Who remembers this era!! I believe we had those cups when we were growing up!

I thought this was so Kris from Junk Chic Cottage! Kris you would have LOVED this!!

In my mind I was trying to find a way to take this back to NJ with me on the plane!!

My daughter and I LOVE these frames. They can be found on ETSY! (Sorry I lost her card..darn!)

I love these fashions! So very classic and chic! My aunt taught me how to sew right around this year. 

What a cute little glamper! LOVE the colors! 

Hubby and youngest daughter--

We stopped for lunch at the famous and fun Ed Debevic's! Burgers and fries, dancing on the bar countertop, sarcasm and always lots of laughs! Another great family memory created!

Hope you enjoyed our trip to the Randolph Market Festival. There's so much more than I photographed it's a must see. Although we didn't buy anything, it certainly was a delightful morning in Chicago with the best part being with our daughter!!

Have a wonderful weekend! Why not check the local calendars in your area for fun Market Fairs to attend. It's a great time of year to be outside and enjoy these lovely days!


***Thanks for stopping by everyone and especially to my new friends from Chicago Catherine and Stephenie!! See you on Monday!