Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Welcome to Wednesday my friends! I hope your week is going well. I'm so busy for the next month it's making me a bit crazy! Why does it seem that Summer just fly's by? What's your summer been like? Share some of your busy summer day stories with us. We'd love to hear them.

One of the projects I've been working on is finishing my youngest daughter's bedroom. Even though the girls are grown and on their own every time we move we still have a "special bedroom" designated for each of them. I always try to personalize them in some way, lately it is with a special framed photo from their travels together. I didn't hang anything on her walls because I hadn't found what I was looking for. One day recently, I came upon these plates that were made from the impression of doilies and I thought they would look lovely in her room.

The trend of hanging plates has intrigued me, but also frightened me a bit. I don't like to make mistakes when it comes to puncturing a  hole in a wall. Besides that you have to be spot on with your measurements or the complete wall will look ridiculous..

So I solicited my hubby's assistance to achieve this!


Step #1--I mounted the marble design piece in the center directly above the bed. (That's when I called hubby in to help finish!) 
Step #2-- Make a template by tracing the outline of the plate on parchment paper and cutting it out.  

**I LOVE my pencil from OLIVE BOX this month! Isn't that a great phrase?

Step #3-- Define the spacing from the marble piece to the plate, the spacing between each and the drop down spacing number from the top. We used 3" for all of them. This made is quite easy. Carefully tape each template in place.

Step #4-- Place the plate on top of the template, find the center in the back and take a small nail or tack and mark the spot on the wall where the edge (see edge below) of the back of the plate hits the wall. Push the nail or tack right through the template leaving a mark on the wall. A little tricky but you can do it! 

Step #5-- Attach a 3M Adhesive Picture Hanger in the middle of the back of the plate just under the protruded edge.

Step #6-- Remove the template from the wall, place the adhesive part of the plate on the area that you marked with a nail. And once you are comfortable with the placement, press in place.

It's a bit time consuming when it comes to placement, but be patient or do it as a team, it will all work out!

Take a peek at my daughter's newly finished bedroom.....

 What do you think?

The bedroom is painted with Benjamin Moore AC-37 Big Bend Beige. The ceiling, trim and doors are Benjamin Moore Super White which is my tried and true for a crisp clean look in the bedrooms.

My husband and I purchased the beautiful throw in Paris. It was imported from India and the detail is simply stunning. It's a beautiful compliment to the silver grays in her room. The comforter and shams are from Restoration Hardware.

Thanks for stopping by today for a peek into my daughter's bedroom. What I try to achieve in all of girls rooms is a sense of tranquility for them. A place to come "back home" to. And a place that gives them a chance to recharge and enjoy our precious family time!

I am looking forward to seeing you on Foodie Friday for that great Summer Dinner Menu that I promised you from Monday's tablescape blog.

See you then!