Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I hope you are all having a great week! I've been busy playing catch up after taking last week off. 

A few weeks ago I had been browsing the pages of Country Living magazine and came across an ad for the Country Living Fair being held in Rhinebeck, NY.  We used to live in an area not far from Rhinebeck so we were pretty familiar with the region. I asked my husband if he was up for a trip and we ventured to NYS.

As we entered the gates the cutest mini trailers were set up. I must admit I am by no means a country decor aficionado, however, we had a really great day exploring all of the booths and buildings. We loved the "glamping" area. These trailers were all decorated so beautifully, a far cry from when my family went camping years ago. There was no crystal in our trailer! 
Vendors set up their booths arranging them with beautiful vignettes to sell their wares. My husband and I reminisced more than once after seeing something from our childhood. I fell in love with that glider below.....seems like I remember someone we knew as a child that had one of those. My brother remembers everything......I bet he could tell me who it was.

My husband had to photograph me at my first Country Living Fair. (below) In the photo on the right, is artist Betsy Olmsted. (seated right) 
Her work caught my eye initially because I love watercolor painting. As I walked closer into her vignette my heart skipped a beat. I saw the detail on the whimsy like florals, with squirrels, and hummingbirds to name a few. Her smile is contagious and her sweet demeanor carries through into her work. Please drop by to check out Betsy's beautiful work. Of course I took a piece home!!
               More of the beautiful items for sale at the fair.

Ironstone is so hot right now.This display was too beautiful to pass up.

Most of you know of the Fabulous Beekman Boys from the Cooking Channel. What a delightful couple. Two guys from NYC who bought a farm and we all know the rest is history!  Check them out here......

I am always up for a little chocolate, especially meticulously crafted chocolate. FRUITION CHOCOLATE's maker, Bryan Graham is as delightful as his chocolate. He was voted one of the TOP TEN CHOCOLATIERS in North America in 2013! He crafts small batches of his chocolates with slowly roasted and stone ground cocoa beans. Of course we sampled and purchased....Crystallized Ginger with Matcha Couverture, and a Toasted White Chocolate bar.  For more information on where to purchase this delicious chocolate......

AND FINALLY IN HONOR OF OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY WHICH SLIPPED BY ME LAST WEEK, JUNE 3, 2014, I would like to THANK all of you for your support and constant reminder of why I love writing this blog.  

To my family and friends that have encouraged me from day one to move forward with something they knew would help me flourish. And those new friends that give me a reason to explore, and push myself into a whole new world....CHEERS as we move full speed ahead into year two!


****Thank you so much for stopping by.