Thursday, April 10, 2014


It's the time of year when schools are hosting their sports banquets or fundraising dinners. My brother is President of the sports boosters club where his son attends school, and I am sure they are knee deep in preparations for their dinner and dance right now.So it got me thinking...

 Although, I know their committee has everything under control, I thought I would take a shot at coming up with a centerpiece that would be versatile and could be adapted for both male and female teams. So below is my attempt at a little something different for all of the parents out there on the committee to decorate for their dinners.Thank you Pinterest for helping me stretch my creativity.

I tailored mine around my nephew's school colors, using basketball as my theme, but soccer would be great too!


Items I used to make this:

1-sheet 19 x 25 #18 Violet CANSON paper 184 lb.--I have plenty left-over
1-sheet 18 x 24 CANSON Foundation paper 100 lb. Bristol Smooth White--also have plenty left-over
1- can Spray Adhesive
Q-tips to spread adhesive 
1-glass cylinder vase approx. 24"H x 6"W


Carefully roll the violet paper to fit the cylinder and cut to fit. Remove and secure to size with spray adhesive and place back into cylinder to dry. Put cut edges facing the bottom of the cylinder.You may have to carefully tape just the edges during the drying process.

I found my images on Google Images by searching for Basketball Silhouette and alphabet letters. Just about any sport silhouette is available in both male and female versions and of course all types of alphabets fonts. I copied and pasted my version into a document, and then scanned it to make my pattern. I am not as tech savy as many, so you may find a much easier way to do this.

Cutout the images from the scan and use them as your pattern on the CANSON paper. Apply both the image and the letters using spray adhesive and Q-tips carefully on your base color. Allow the project to dry and place the basketball on top!


I had so much fun doing this project I have decided to do another Sports Themed table in the future.

I hope that you enjoyed today's blog! See you tomorrow for FOODIE FRIDAY and little added Easter bonus!

  Have a great day!