Wednesday, April 2, 2014


A few weeks ago I set out on the daunting search for new Family Room lamps. Because of the size of the room my furniture floats in the center, making it sometimes difficult with selections, especially lamps. I am not able to use end tables, so I chose to use console tables, which makes lighting pretty tricky. At the moment we are using the lamps from our formal living room because we needed better lighting for reading. The current lamps allow a 3-way bulb which is a necessity in  a room this size.

When we renovated our home we removed the carpet and installed a wood floor. Prior to the installation, I was able to mark the floor where I wanted the two outlets to be installed based on the furniture placement. I did this in previous homes when we were starting with new construction, however, this was my first time with a reno. It works out great because there are no visible cords stretching across the room. It not only doesn't look appealing, it's just not safe.


My selection of new lamps needs to make sense with illumination, style and texture in the room. As you can see I presently have placed my lamp on one end of the table and a small collection of accessories on the opposite end. This helps add visual balance to an asymmetrical design and helps bring balance to the table. 

Determining what height the lamp should be is something I needed help with. From the information I gathered it appears that  it depends on the height of the table and the height of the sofa, but there are no rules. If your table is larger and/or your sofa is larger, you will need a taller lamp to balance the scale of the pieces.  It appears that 30-35" is the answer.

Now to  the search-------in the past I have used LAMPS PLUS for many of my selections in both new construction and renovations. I found that the prices and quality are within reason for my budget. I also like the fact there are many price points and a very large selection.  

I  have located this great Robert Abbey 31" Taupe Ceramic and Brass Table Lamp that I have fallen in love with. It is a simple gourd body and I love the glossy taupe finish. The lampshade is a pearl dupioni, which is always simple and elegant. And a 3-way socket allows us to control our lighting.

Now it's time to show my husband what I have found to see if he likes it as much as I do!!

If you are having a lighting dilemma like me, REAL SIMPLE has a article that may be of help to you. 
Here is the link:

Good luck in your search for the perfect lamp for your home. I know some of these tasks can be daunting, but always remember the ultimate decision for any decorating project in your home is your own. Have fun with it!

                                                     Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!


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