Friday, April 11, 2014

A Couple of Easter Sweets for Foodie Friday & an EASY Fun Bunny Peep Centerpiece!

No Easter is complete without some sweet little morsels. I love Easter cookies. They are so colorful and reminds me when the girls were little. They used to love to help cut out cookies and decorate them. Too bad they weren't here with me today....we would have had allot of fun!  I miss those days and those messy little fingers!

I found a new recipe for Shortbread cookies in the April 2014 issue of Southern Living. I am just going to warn you, they are rather decadent.  Instead of using the frosting recipe that went along with the cookie recipe, I just bought Wilton Cookie Icing from Michaels. It's easy, tastes great,  and there is no mess.

Here is the link to the cookie recipe:

I dipped Peep Bunnies in chocolate, and then in some sprinkles, then added them to the cookie platter. It just adds a bit of fun to the presentation.

I saw this easy centerpiece a while back in one of my magazines and decided it would be a nice add to the cookie tray vignette. 

You will need:

This is what I used because I had these items on hand.

1-4 inch cube vase
1-small round  jelly jar the same height of cube  Make sure there is enough room for the peeps and jelly beans to fit in around the perimeter if you choose to use this.
Jelly Beans (your color choice)
Bunny Peeps (your color choice)

I have also seen it made this way--the choice is yours.

1-4 inch  cube vase
1-6 inch  cube vase
Jelly Beans (your color choice)
Bunny Peeps (your color choice)

Place the smaller jar/cube inside the larger. Add jelly bean layer between the walls, making sure to leave enough room for the bunnies ears to fit inside the top edge of the cube. Then layer the Peep bunnies around the edges. Fill the vase with your favorite flowers and water. 

So easy and so cute!

I hope you enjoyed my bit of Foodie Friday Easter today. The added bonus of my Easter centerpiece is something easy we can all do. Children and adults alike will love it.

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                                                      Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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