Wednesday, March 5, 2014


My husband and I are coming off a whirlwind "old friend" weekend! I think we probably all know that great energy we feel after reconnecting with friends we have not seen in a few years. 

I started the weekend out by meeting up with my friend Marcella. It had been over a year since we had seen each other. Marcella is a very talented Redken hair colorist/stylist, and has an interesting family background. Her family was part of the Washington, Capital Hill crowd for years. During that time her mother, who was a wonderful cook, became friends with many woman from other countries. She actually was a real "foodie" back in the day as they shared their recipes and dishes with one another. Marcella has the same love for ethnic foods as her mom. I encouraged her to start her own food blog which I know you would all love!

Marcella knows of my love for Lavender, so she contacted her Uncle, who is the Mayor of Marseille, France, and asked him to send a couple of gifts for me. I was so touched! Her uncle's neighbor painted the gorgeous print, and the beautiful Lavender Bouquet towel is so beautiful, and actually holds a bit of a story from Provence.

The towel is trimmed with an insect print. The insect is known as the Cigales in France and a Cicada in the US. They are very popular in Provence, because they symbolize summertime. The people of Provence are people of the sun. After their long windy winters they look forward to the vibrating melody of the Cigales.

  I truly am touched by this beautiful gesture of friendship.
Thank you so much Marcella!

As Saturday arrived so did our friends from had been too many years!

We walked the beautiful sunny beaches of Florida, sea shells and sand under our feet........our conversation never stopped. We listened intently as we each talked about children, our travels abroad, and the changes in the little town we all called/call home. We discovered that Margaritas can be made with white wine at a fantastic little restaurant on the beach........and the list goes on.

 Ahhhhh-------one of life's greatest blessings, Friendship! 

Thanks Donna & Frank for a great weekend!

Maybe it's time for you to reconnect with an old friend. There is no better way to brighten that smile, and lighten your heart, than to reminisce with an old friend.

 Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.” ― John Lennon  

 Have a wonderful Wednesday!


***Thank you so much for visiting The Lavender Bouquet. See you on Foodie Friday as we will 
feature a meatless dish in honor of the Lenten Season.