Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I drove to Michaels last week for some inspiration. I was especially thinking about something Easter related. There hanging up in one of the aisles was a very unique looking feather wreath with eggs on
it. I personally thought it was a bit over I started dissecting how it was made and what I would need to buy to make it myself.

I decided to buy a round foam ring, a package of eggs, a boa, and a can of adhesive spray.

Step One
Spray the foam ring with adhesive spray on the top of the ring, and wrap with the boa. Press
down to secure it. Let dry. (your fingers get a bit sticky)

Step Two
Strategically place eggs around the perimeter of the wreath, spraying first with adhesive. Press
to secure egg onto wreath. Let dry.

Step Three
Make a bow from any size ribbon or color that makes you happy....and again spray with adhesive.
Let dry.

Step Four
Make a loop with florist wire and stick into the back of the foam wreath for hanging. You can add a bit of adhesive spray to this also to keep it secure. Let dry.

That's it folks! You are done....and here is what my final wreath looks like!

                         I hope you have enjoyed this DIY segment! It's not to early to get going
                                     on your Easter decorating  See you on Foodie Friday!

                                                        Wishing you a wonderful day!


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