Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life's Challenges---It's All About Attitude!

I have been trying to figure out what happened to me last usual daily trips to the gym became non-existent. I used to get out of bed, get dressed for the gym, and head out the door by
7:00 a.m. rain, snow or shine!  I loved watching GMA during my workout. It always caught me
up on world events, sprinkled in some cute anchor banter, and it had the best "Deals and Steals," which my girls were always grateful for.

I just stopped going to the gym....I had quit something that I prided myself in doing to stay healthy as I aged. A routine that I started when my oldest daughter went to college. (and believe me it has been years!) We had moved to Ann Arbor, MI and I felt a need to do something for me to fill that void. Gosh, I missed that child!

Fast forward to moving again, getting ingrained in a new community, home renovations, life, life and life. I had quit going to the gym, but why? I made a promise to myself that in "2014" I was going to get back to my normal healthy morning routine.

Well I may be a month behind, but I rolled out of bed this morning, got dressed and hit the gym. As I swiped my membership card, the moths flew from the swiper machine.....Yes, I was back! I must admit I took it a bit easier than normal as I hopped on the elliptical and got moving.

I left the gym feeling great........energized and ready for that cup of coffee. I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some fresh fish for dinner.  As I stood in line to pay I noticed there was a woman in front of me with what "looked like" muffins in a plastic container. While the cashier was ringing her up, she was "picking away" on the top of one of them, and I could tell she was loving every minute of it!  I had to laugh when I saw her. This was something I have been tempted to do, but never had the courage! She saw me glance at her, and in her beautiful French accent said, "these are 500 calories and I just got out of my spinning class....aren't I terrible?" I laughed and said," you look great." She said, "that's because I am French!" We both had a good chuckle and she left on her way.

Her French accent took my thoughts back to our Paris trip. One of the things Ron and I enjoyed most about Paris was being able to walk everywhere. In the mornings we would see the French with their coffee and croissant in hand, walking or riding their bikes to work. And on the way home, walking or riding, carrying the infamous baguette in hand for dinner. was right!

I have always thought that people come in to our lives for a reason, but this little French lady friend.......with her sweet and carefree demeanor, made me think about how easy it was to turn that switch on again. Heck, she just rode her buns off for an hour and said, "you know what,
I want this muffin and I am going to eat it."  It's all about balance......anything good in life is worth working for....I'm back and I'm up for the challenge.

Are you up for a challenge?

                                                               Have a wonderful day!