Friday, February 7, 2014

It's Foodie Friday--Strawberries & Cream Bars & Peanut Butter Cup Pretzel Bites

One week from today is Valentine's Day! What are your plans for the day? Ron and I have celebrated a lot of Valentine days together through the years. We've always said that we don't need a "special" day to celebrate our what works for us is keeping the day pretty simple.
Since it's the last Foodie Friday before the "big" day I decided that a Valentine theme might be in order. There are so many recipes and ideas floating around..........too fussy, too crazy, and
too detailed for me. I think I finally found the right choices for a simple little "sweetness" for a very special day.

The Strawberries & Cream Bars recipe caught my eye because it uses "fresh" strawberries in the recipe. With the added factor of a cheese cakey center......I was sold. Of course not to be forgotten, the infamous candy that everyone needs just a little touch of for Valentine's Day. Who doesn't love a peanut butter cup and the saltiness of a pretzel together?  I made these delectable little dollops of yumminess......Peanut Butter Cup & Pretzel Bites for those of us that just want a little tidbit of sweetness!

I couldn't resist the verse on this Hallmark bag........and this got me thinking........what else could I use in this vignette? I am a real lover of Carnations........of any kind! Back in the day, Martha Stewart once touted her LOVE for these underrated flowers. Well folks, I feel the same way. They make such a beautiful display of color when they are all drawn together in a tight bouquet. I wrap a rubber band around them just where the stem begins under the bloom to keep them nice and tight. They are economical and gorgeous.........take a look for yourself!

Well friends, may your day be filled with whatever makes YOU happy and loved.......with a touch of  sweetness on the side!

                                                                 Happy Valentines Day!


***Thank you to Cookies and Cups for the bar recipe--
***Thank you to MADIGANMADE.COM for the Peanut Butter Cup & Pretzel Bites recipe.