Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Finding Happiness Through Nutrition

Who likes to be happy? What kind of question is that……of course we all want to wake up every morning and feel “happy.” Scientists say we can contribute to regulating our moods by filling our bodies with the right nutrients. Nutrients in the form of vitamins in the food we ingest daily.

Here are the top 10 vitamins that have been proven to boost our mood.
·         Magnesium—attributed to development of serotonin, feeling of happiness     
·         Omega-3 Fatty Acids— brain health
·         B6—sends messages from brain to body, regulating brain function 
·         B12— aids in creation of red blood cells and nerves 
·         D—maintains immune system
·         Zinc—role in  supporting healthy immune system protecting gut from damage
·         Calcium—role in protecting bones and blood vessels
·         Folate— helps body create new cells and supports serotonin regulation
·         Iron—role of transporting oxygen to support energy levels/muscle strength
·         Chromium— helps body metabolize food

Below is a very short list of good sources of foods containing these vitamins. You may find many more sources and much more extensive information by logging on to:

1.      Magnesium—Almonds
2.      Omega 3—Chia seeds
3.      B6—Canned chickpeas
4.      B12—Sockeye Salmon
5.      D—Swordfish
6.      Zinc—Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
7.      Calcium—Yogurt (plain/low-fat)
8.      Folate—Spinach
9.      Iron—Fortified oatmeal (instant)
10.  Chromium--Broccoli

I hope this article contributes in some way to help you on the road to happiness. Knowledge is power----so let’s use it! Take control and start out your 2014 by understanding what it takes to journey into the world of healthy eating.

Wishing you a Happy Day!

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