Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DIY with Katie

Do you wish you were more organized in different areas of your life? I do. One of my major New Year’s resolutions is to become just that.  Last year I got a little lax with keeping track of all of my appointments. For some reason I never recorded things on any of my calendars. I have no excuse. I do carry an IPhone, I do have a desk calendar, and even a small Hallmark booklet can be found in that darn oversized handbag that gave me Poshitis! (A phrase adopted from the large handbags used by "Victoria" herself.)

This year I vowed to start anew. My first step was to clear the junky mess from the inside of my pantry door and create something much prettier and useful. I hate clutter so why did I allow this to happen over the year? Hopefully I will stay organized and never have to see a mess like this again.

I purchased a bulletin board from Wal-Mart, some fabric and black upholstery pins from JoAnn Fabric and got to work.

1. This is the inside of my pantry BEFORE---an embarrassing mess!

2.  The items I used—fabric, 3M adhesive (for securing to the door), and Alene adhesive patches, and black upholstery tacks. 
3.   Lay the fabric under the bulletin board and cut the fabric leaving about a 1" border to fold under.

4.  Press the edge.

5. Flip the fabric over applying it to the right side of the bulletin board. I used one upholstery tack every 1" around the perimeter. Remember to keep the fabric taut as you secure it.

                                                                So easy!

After adding my calender, a gift from my husband for Christmas...... I secured the heart shaped memo pad with a piece of the Alene sticky pad, and added a pen on a string secured to the push pin at the top of the calender. I'm always searching for a pen so I thought this would be another step to help keep me organized!

I hope this segment inspires you to take the first step in the process of starting your New Year on the right foot.

See you on Foodie Friday.



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