Tuesday, February 7, 2017

DIY--Dollar Tree Valentine Wreath & FREE Bookmark!

Last week I decided to take a trip to my favorite Dollar Tree to see what seasonal items they had on their shelves. I browsed every aisle looking for items I could use to make an inexpensive Valentine wreath. I spent $5.00, and came home with the following items......I even have extra hearts and clothes line leftover!

My idea was to wrap the clothesline around the wreath giving it a nice red and white color.

Oh sooooo easy, and not a bad little splash of red for Valentines Day! After I wound the clothesline around the styrofoam, I glued the hearts on, made the bow out of some extra straw ribbon I had from a previous project, and glued the back of the wreath to a paper heart. Hanging it is painless with a 3M hook. Total time to make this.......20 minutes!

I happened to be browsing some ideas on the internet a few weeks ago and found another idea. I am forever turning the pages down on my books to mark a page. This FREE idea is so easy. I went to WalMart and grabbed some paint chips in the pink family. I purchased a set of craft punches with different images on them. (I know I will use these again.)  I punched each color on the chip strip with the heart punch, and then tied a ribbon to the end. The ribbon was left over from another project. Easy, FREE and now I won't ruin the pages in my books.

It doesn't have to break the bank to add a bit of festive to your home on these special days. I hope you have enjoyed my projects today and have inspired you to head to Dollar Tree for your own creation.

Wishing you a crafty day,


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