Monday, November 4, 2013

Ralph Lauren Inspired Powder Room Renovation

Despite a Powder Room being a first floor basic necessity in a home, it also holds a great importance as far as first impressions to your guests. I feel the décor should be a step up from other parts of the home. I want my guests to feel a warm welcome that makes them feel special, and I always add a touch of something shiny for a little elegance. If there is any room that you can add a bit of elegance to, it is the Powder Room.....kind of like when you add that statement piece of jewelry to your favorite outfit!

The following are the photos of the Powder Room BEFORE we purchased our home:

The floor is a dark green marble, original with the house. Two tiered decorative crown moulding and  a 5inch baseboard gave us a nice start to our renovation. We removed the wall cabinet over the toilet, took down the chair moulding, mirror, light fixture and toilet paper and towel fixtures and started with a clean slate.

Powder Room AFTER

I love wallpaper in my Powder Rooms.  Shine, texture and a beautiful pattern set such a lovely tone. I always gravitate to the colors and textures that coordinate with the rest of our home of course. I found this beautiful "Ralph Lauren" inspired wallpaper and coordinated everything else based upon this selection.

The double crown moulding, all base trim and inside of the door was painted a dark brown to compliment the paper.  The ceiling was painted a beautiful lighter version of the background of the wallpaper so the layers of color all blended well in such a small area, adding a little drama to the room.

The marble floors were cleaned and honed. I added a new mirror, light fixture, and towel and toilet rings. I found the mirror at Home Depot. The frame was quite dark and plain. I added some gold paint by dry brushing it on the raised pattern. This gave the mirror a bit of a rustic look and also made the beautiful raised floral design more pronounced.

The original gold faucets were in good condition, coordinated well, and so I decided to keep them. They add a nice shiny touch and compliment my wallpaper choice. I kept the décor ie; wall placque and accessories simple carrying the "Ralph Lauren" theme throughout. I lastly added a beautiful monogramed towel from Horchow. A nice touch for guests.

I hope you have enjoyed this segment of our Powder Room Renovation. I would love to hear your ideas for Powder Rooms and if you have photos, please feel free to share those as well.

Wednesday starts my COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS DIY IDEAS. I will be sharing "7" weeks of DIY projects. I will focus on holiday décor, special holiday foods, and gift ideas. I hope you will join me for all of the fun!

See you Wednesday..........