Friday, November 1, 2013

Chilly Weather Soup!

It's a chilly day today, and the leaves are falling quickly. So far the splendor of the usual Fall color has been a subtle change. Not like last years burst of loveliness. The burning bush and the Maple trees are just now beginning to show their beautiful color. I am waiting for that explosion that lights up our yard........soon, very soon!

Nothing says FALL like a nice bowl of soup! It feels like a soup day today. My favorites are the meatless soups full of veggies. On the other hand, my husband would like a nice chili or beef stew.
Maybe I will make that next week for him.

Today I had a butternut squash staring at me in my veggie basket, so I decided to make our favorite Curried Butternut Squash Soup, from Ellie Krieger. As usual with Ellie's recipes, it's a nice light soup, not calorie laden but packed full of butternut flavor and lots of nutrients. And has the added bonus of being quick and simple!

I am going to add my version of a Grilled Cheese sandwich with this for dinner tonight. Ron and I  both are quesadilla fans so I always have some whole wheat tortillas in the freezer. We experiment with all kinds of ingredients to change up the flavor.  Since it is fresh apple time right now, I layer a thinly sliced apple of any kind, and 2 slices of cheddar cheese in between the tortillas. I grill it just enough to make the cheese gooey and soft. It is so delish and easy, and what a quick dinner. A little twist on the Soup & Sandwich days.

Click on this link for the soup recipe:

I hope you have enjoyed this quick Fall dinner idea. Our meals don't have to be complicated, costly or time consuming to eat healthy. Why not give this a try.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.........and REMEMBER Daylight Savings Time Ends November 3rd and time falls back one an extra hour to do whatever makes you happy!