Monday, August 12, 2013

Foyer Renovation Project

I hope you all had a great weekend! Ours was filled with accomplishing a "to do" landscaping clean- up list. It was a beautiful weekend here and even though we would rather have been doing something a little more fun, it was quite nice enjoying the serenity of the outdoors.

I decided to show some quick photos of the Before and After of the "Final Foyer" of our new house. In the archived blogs you will find my marble floor segment where the marble was honed and cleaned taking it from dull to fabulously shiny! This segment shows the finishing touches with new wall and railing paint color, lighting (chandelier) and furniture completed.

I hope you enjoy our Foyer Renovation!

This is the foyer prior to our closing on the house. Dull, dirty marble floors, old paint color and railing color.

This photo shows the new wall & railing colors, the staircase that has been cleaned sanded and re-varnished and the honed and cleaned marble floor.

The completed project has given our foyer a fresh new and updated look with a warm WELCOME feel!