Monday, July 22, 2013

A Trip Down Memory Lane in Western New York

Twenty five years ago we relocated our family to the Midwest from the Western New York area. Until then, our families had lived in very close proximity to us. Leaving them behind was tough...but we will always hold dear the memories that were created while we lived in WNY.
 We make it a conscious effort to return home each year making one trip in the Summer, and one in the late Fall. This time my husband and I felt like exploring some of the cities that held the greatest memories for us early in our relationship. We grabbed my mother and headed to Lewiston, NY, a place that we frequented. We often just walked the streets enjoying our Hanson's shrimp and the beautiful waterfront. Many times we also stopped in Youngstown, NY with our bikes and took the ferry across to Niagara-on-the-Lake in Canada. Unfortunately, this is no longer operating apparently because of the need for stricter border security.
Although, Lewiston, as all towns in WNY, has changed over the years, there is still such a beautiful, simple beauty that remains. It's deep roots stemming back to some of the most historically documented moments in American history. The Town of Lewiston is also home to the New York Power Authority's Robert Moses Power Project which is the largest hydroelectric generating facility in New York State.
 We strolled the Main Street enjoying the various little shops and boutiques, and walked through some lovely gardens that were so inviting we wanted to stay.
I hope you enjoy my photos as we travelled down memory lane.
Wishing you a beautiful Monday! 

Lovely historic homes line the streets.

Beautiful gardens with such creative ideas.

What a lovely place for morning coffee.

Di Camillo Bakery has the most delicious breads, biscotti and much much more!! 

I couldn't resist taking the photo of this boutique the color just begs you to enter!
My mother thought so too!

Historic beauty everywhere.

Beautiful city parks filled with lovely flower displays.