Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Good Morning TLB friends.....it's nice to be back!

It was nice to take a break from the daily trips to the house. We flew to Arizona this past weekend taking time out to celebrate our 39th Anniversary! When we returned we were pleasantly surprised......

The exterior facade was at the beginning stages of brick and stone being laid, and we have insulation waiting for inspection. Now that is progress!

I'm not a fan of messy work sites, but I'm not quite sure how the bricklayers could be neat....between the mortar, mud and broken bricks anyway.

For some reason the true color of our brick is hard to capture by camera.  (I wonder if that lovely BLUE trash dumpster is part of the issue?)

The photo below is the closest resemblance. It is Highland Gray. The eaves area, which is currently gold hardy board, will be painted Charcoal gray, to accentuate the gray in the brick.

In Texas, it is quite common to use both brick and stone on the exterior. We decided to give it a try and chose Austin Chalk Chopped to compliment our brick. 

With all of the Spring rains we are currently experiencing in Texas, even our muddy backyard has some wild grasses growing.

And the golf course is greening up quite nicely too.

As you can see we are moving in the right direction. We were told we will most likely be closing in mid-July instead of our end of May beginning of June initial time frame. This will make it very close to the one year date marking our move to Texas.

In closing I thought I'd share a photo with you from our "39th year" anniversary weekend!

Best wishes for a wonderful day!