Friday, December 11, 2015


Last weekend hubby and I did a little more exploring in Texas. One of the things on the tourist list was, Southfork Ranch, so we thought we'd make the drive to Parker to check it out.

Today the ranch is home to a conference and event center located about 25 miles north of Dallas.

Were you a fan of the TV show "Dallas?" Did you realize that show aired 356 episodes before its cancellation? It was the longest running TV series in history. 

Today people from around the world continue to tour the house and grounds at Southfork. The property is located 3700 Hogge Road, Parker, TX.

An interesting story was told to us by our tour guide, Sally. The house was built by a family by the name of Duncan and the square footage is actually 5,900 sq. ft. (Not nearly as large
as it was portrayed on the California screen.)

Mr. Duncan was approached by Lorimar Productions requesting to use the exterior for filming from 1978-1989. The studio also made a mock-up of the home and based it in California where it was used for filming when the weather in Texas made it a bit difficult. 

As you enter the front door you are greeted by a smallish foyer complete with Waterford chandelier. A bit underwhelming compared to film version.

Memorabilia in the form of photos are throughout the entire home.

"War of the Ewings" in 1998 was filmed inside the real ranch. In 2012, the new Dallas series used Southfork for filming until it's cancellation also.

Sunken  Living Room with doors to the pool area.....
(Photo above the mantel of Jock Ewing.)

The dining room was all decked out for the holidays! Beautiful draperies hung in each doorway as you enter the dining room. Several Waterford chandeliers hung above the table.

Another photo of Miss Ellie and her sons, JR and Bobby.

JR and Sue Ellen's bedroom. The bed was centered in the middle of the room and faced
the back yard above the pool area.

As we exited there was a Family Tree of sorts printed on the wall. It was interesting for hubby and I to see who we recognized through the years. Even if you were like us, not 
"die hard" fans of the show, but watched it occasionally..........let's face it, if you mention "Dallas" there's always that one person that brings up "who shot JR!" 

What are your memories from the "13" years that "Dallas" was on TV? 

Have a wonderful weekend!