Wednesday, September 9, 2015


We had a terrific holiday weekend! Hubby surprised me and planned a trip for us to visit Waco, TX. What's in Waco you ask?

Let's about the Magnolia Market owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines hosts of the HGTV's show FIXER UPPER!  Stop over to the blog to check out who else was shopping with us.........

It took us nearly 2 hours of driving.....I was so excited I just couldn't wait to get to Waco. When we arrived........

We were told to stand in this long line that led into the store. There was a tent set up outside housing all kinds of items to purchase. Everything inside and out was 30% off. We hit the jackpot! We didn't let a few raindrops dampen our spirits!

As we were in line this sweet little Texas girl....Teresa (Joanna's sister-above) greeted all of us. Her perky smile and sweet demeanor made all of feel very welcome. Gotta love that southern hospitality!

This is the storefront. The sign I am holding was in place to use for photo ops for those
of us that had traveled many miles for the sale. Mine says 110 miles!

Under the tent were both vintage items and new pieces. I had to snag one of the local artisan made pottery mugs. I have a thing for mugs that I can grip around the palm of my hand. I've passed that along to my middle daughter too! 

I fell in love with this china cabinet labeled Joanna's favorite...but there was no way that it would fit in my trunk! :) 

The store was filled with people wall to wall inside. It's not a large store, but it was packed. I was standing at one end of the building, and as I looked across the room, I stopped for a eyes had met Mrs. Laura Bush! She was looking straight in my direction! She was shopping with her friend and her security detail. 

I fumbled for my camera, but Mrs. Bush was being rushed out a back door. The photo below, see my arrows, is all I was able to capture as she left. But never fear, Joanna Gaines (must have been in the back room....we never saw her in the store while we were there) because this photo of Joanna and Mrs. Bush appeared the same day on Joanna's INSTAGRAM!

WOW----I was so close.....I've really got to work on my camera reflexes! (Photo credits of Joanna and Mrs. Bush to Joanna's INSTAGRAM)

The store shelves and tables were filled with everything from floral pieces to dishes. Hanging were lovely decorative chandeliers as well as some that were much simpler by design. Numbers, baskets, galvanized pots, and packs of note cards were displayed around the store.

 This was check-out at the small building next to the larger Magnolia Market building.

Magnolia candles were scattered about for sale AND when you purchased something their signature shopping bags held our goodies. (They also come in brown paper.)

My purchase was this beauty of a  drawer tray filled with Mason jars. I love the wrought iron handle. My mind was reeling at all of the uses for this. I can't wait to show you......

Last but not least we didn't leave town without visiting the silos location where the new store will be. 

I hope you've enjoyed today's blog! It was such a fun trip. I wish I had been able to meet Chip and Joanna......but we may just venture in October to the "Silos Opening!" And who knows, maybe we'll meet them then!

Have a wonderful day!


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