Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Festive Fall with it's glorious simply beautiful!

Touches of fall can easily be added to your home in just a few minutes. From natural elements like apples, pumpkins, gourds, branches and colorful leaves.... to the shimmers of gold and copper. Fall is my second favorite time of year to decorate.  In case you are just joining TLB.....Christmas is my all-time favorite!!

To make my centerpiece I used a simple white pitcher, and filled it with twiggy branches & berries with tiny leaves, all purchased from Hobby Lobby.

Of course this time of year if you are lucky enough to have grown Dahlias in your flower are able to bring the fall beauty inside quite easily. I tried to grow them in pots this year at the Florida house, and failed miserably! I was so hoping for a bumper crop to fill my vases this fall. 

It's a wonderful time of year to toast the about sharing dinner with friends on a cool crisp evening dining "al fresco?" Celebrating the glow of the setting sun with a great glass of wine and wonderful friends.......what could be more inviting.

Thanks for joining us today at TLB. 

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