Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Can you believe it's the 1st of July? These past few months have flown by, but we've accomplished so much. My last share with you from our sweet little vacation home is the updating of our family room. Our furniture just arrived after nearly 11 weeks of waiting!

Here is the room BEFORE.....

I had already taken down the pictures that hung on the wall for my previous DIY project which will be displayed in the AFTER photos.

And here is the room AFTER--

Instead of using my typical beige choice for upholstery, I opted for this fresh Silver Gray polyester blend fabric. With this type of durability we'll be able to enjoy our vacations without worrying about spills and stains ruining our new purchase.

 Our family loves corners to snuggle into while watching TV, so a loveseat and sofa take care of "4" of us.
 We decided a nice cozy accent chair for hubby would be great. When we were browsing our choices we made sure he sat in them and felt they were a good fit for him. We found this chair in a different fabric. Their choices were full of whimsy Florida like choices. When I stumbled upon the navy Starfish print, and hubby liked the comfy feel, we were sold!

My search for accent pillows took me to HOMEGOODS and Etsy. The solid navy and the navy with the nautical anchors, are from HOMEGOODS. Navy was much easier to find than coral, at least the specific coral I was searching for. I found the navy monogram, the small coral patterned and the long coral print pillows all on Etsy.

On one of my many visits to HOMEGOODS I found these very cool white lamps with navy and white stripe shades. They were my first navy finds for the room, so I built the rest of the room around them. I just had to have them....they fit the playful feeling I wanted the room to have.

Many of you probably remember my DIY post where I upcycled my old picture frames on the blog dated 5/4/15?  Well, take a you see anything familiar? I love how they blend with my new color palette. 

There is something else I'd like to share with you. This July/August 2015 issue of HGTV magazine has featured one of the coral prints that I purchased from for my 5/4/15 DIY blog post! Congrats to Elizabeth!

So it's back to reality once again.......but as much as we hate to leave our sweet little vacation home with all of it's beautiful new touches......our adventure continues!

Stay tuned.........

  Wishing you a beautiful day!