Monday, April 20, 2015


Welcome to Monday friends!

In only a couple of short weeks May 1st will be here. This day is referred to as May Day and in some places considered the first day of Spring. Some of the May Day traditions are the crowning of a May queen or sometimes King. That person was to oversee all of the day's activities that would take place. Children and adults of all ages fill May baskets with candy or flowers and leave them secretly on neighbor's porches. What a sweet gesture of kindness!

One year I bought small baskets and filled them with flowers tying them on the door knobs of all of my neighbors. This year I changed it up a bit.

I made a quick trip to the Dollar General store and purchased these cute floral buckets and a spool of the pink polka dot ribbon. Then I headed to Costco and purchased a 6-pack of herbs that included Basil for $9.99. I left the Basil intact with soil and planted it gently into the floral bucket. Then I secured the handle of the bucket to the door knob with the ribbon and tied in a knot. I added a bow because when I wrap gifts, I always include a pretty bow on top!! Who doesn't like a gift with a beautiful bow??


$1.66 Basil plant
$1.00 decorative bucket with handle
$1.00 1-spool ribbon (there is plenty of ribbon left for more pots)
Total cost for TLB's May Day Gift--less than $4.00

This DIY is so easy and inexpensive.You can personalize it with any plant you like. These little buckets would be great filled with cookies or candy also.

You'll be the hit of the neighborhood! Your friends will love the fact that you are thinking of them with something so pretty, fun and useful!

Happy May Day!