Monday, October 20, 2014


Good Morning Monday my friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Hubby and I were able to spend a few days at our Florida house for a little relaxation. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. 

Today's blog is inspired by a long time friend from Florida. About 5 years she gifted me a beautiful set of calendars from the artist Susan Wallace Barnes. I became a fan instantly and began gifting them to my other Florida friends.

Her work in watercolors is light and cheery and brings such a sweet touch to wherever they are displayed. Anyone who knows me knows that I love watercolor artistry.

One of my friends resides both at the Jersey shore and Florida. She loves them so much she has easels displaying calendars at both of her homes.....and I must confess so do I! I look forward to their release every year.

A couple years ago as the year was coming to an end  I perused the pages of the beautiful calendars one more time before I was going to pack them away. As I looked around, the Florida house walls were begging for some color and that's when it hit me.....

I bought two white wooden frames, added a creamy white mat and one of the 11 x 14 prints to each frame. Most of you have probably tried this easy DIY, but in case you haven't, it's an inexpensive way to add color and personal touches to a home. I think most of all, having something you love displayed tells a story of you.

Here's what my framed wall art looks like in my kitchen:

Why not recycle your beautiful calendars to add something new and beautiful to your walls?

Aren't familiar with Susan Wallace Barnes? Here's a little background on her:

Susan's home is located on coastal meadow in California's Carmel Bay. She is very active in environmental efforts on behalf of ocean awareness. 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderfully creative week!


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