Monday, September 8, 2014


Thanks so much for visiting The Lavender Bouquet--I hope you enjoy your visit today. 

I spent my weekend doing the much dreaded outdoor clean-up and removing all of the plants from my patio pots. I love fall for so many reasons, however, I'm always a bit sad when the colorful flowers of spring and summer come to an end.

I stopped by the grocery store today to pick up a few items and as I entered there were beautiful bouquets of deep pink Cockscomb (Celosia) on display. If you aren't familiar with this beautiful flower this may jog your memory---

These flowers are sometimes referred to as Wool Flowers or Brain Celosia, referring to the color of the brain.Their heads range from 2-5 inches across and they have a strong leafy stem. They bloom from late summer through late fall. I've never grown them, but am tempted to try them next spring.

Arranging Cockscomb in a vase couldn't be simpler. They display best keeping them in a tight bouquet because they have a flat side to them. They may be dried if you prefer also.  All I added were sprigs of tall twigs adorned with lime berries.

Take a look at the coffee table vignette that all began with inspiration from the Cockscomb.

Speaking of I was setting up the vignette.  I came across a very special gift from some dear friends. They gifted us this beautiful book when we were moving from Ohio. It's titled, Where Love Resides-Reflections on Love and Life. The book is about quiltmakers. It showcases the blocks that represent each quiltmakers declaration of love. The final quilt is called Where Love Resides.

I started re-reading some of pages and leafing through the beautiful photographs. The photos of the quilt blocks are the handiwork of many talented women ultimately culminating into one quilt.  Below is a list of the blocks represented on the quilt:

The Home
Your Dreams

Wrapping ourselves in a quilt like this, is like surrounding  
ourselves with the people and places that have enriched our lives. As a blanket makes us feel cozy and warm, so does this quilt of Love.

There are days that we all need inspiration and comfort. My day started with a decision to buy some beautiful flowers and ended with the warm memories of old friends.

What about your day? What inspires you?

Wishing you a day filled with sweet memories!


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