Monday, July 14, 2014


I hope you all had a great weekend! Hubby and I traveled to the Florida house for a bit of R & R. He had just returned from two weeks of extensive travel to Europe and the west coast, so he was ready for some down time. It's not always easy for him to "shut down the power plant" but this trip, he did very well. We even made it to the beach twice!

Our first beach day was at Fort Myers beach. We were greeted by a very interesting man weaving beautiful baskets from coconut branches. Take a look at his beautiful work. He told us he was taught by an older gentlemen and that choosing the correct size and shape of the coconut branch is what determines how his basket turns out. It was quite an interesting process to watch as it unfolded into this beautiful basket.

Fort Myers Beach was lovely.

The Ritz Carlton of Naples beach.

After enjoying some great beach time we headed to Naples. By the time we reached Naples the skies were a bit ominous. But beach time was still a good time!

We met our friends for lunch at the Ritz Carlton. It had been quite a few years since my hubby and I had stayed at the Ritz, so the decor had been updated.

The foyer greeted us with the classic beauty that only the Ritz can provide. A gorgeous gold carved table topped with a beautiful floral arrangement of tropical flowers..... it sets the tone for a beautiful tropical Welcome.

A few years ago I took a flower arranging class here, and learned that the Ritz, at that time, had their own floral staff on site. They showed us how to create a beautiful tropical floral piece. I will never forget the gorgeous result when all he started with was a pile of fronds,bird of paradise and other tropicals...just gorgeous!

The grounds and courtyards are always a typical manicured vision. 

The gardens with their beautiful pots of color and vignettes for relaxation are always so inviting.

My hubby loved this tropical Dr. Seuss looking plant!

I am always looking for great ideas for our patios at home and I love this bench! I can picture it at the end of our patio.

If you like this bench too, here is a link where you may purchase one very close to this:

I love this bench too!
I told hubby next year I would love to add a boxwood hedge designed much like below in our side yard near the patio. Then I could add the beautiful concrete bench above into the center of the hedge, instead of using the flowers they used below. Wouldn't that be gorgeous?

Here's where you can find a beautiful bench close to the one above:

Well it's back to reality, but we sure did have some wonderfully relaxing moments. We all need to recharge, but it doesn't have to be at the Ritz.....turn off the cell phone, get out that chaise, make yourself a nice beachy drink and start soaking up that sun! (with sunscreen of course!) 

I hope you have enjoyed today's blog!  Thanks for stopping by!