Friday, June 6, 2014


A sunny GOOD MORNING from Southwest Florida!

Yesterday, the day was beautiful. I spent it by finishing my errands, cleaning the house and doing laundry....then packed for the trip home. Our oldest daughter and I had a great time together, but I am ready to get back to NJ to see my hubby.He arrives home from Europe within an hour of my flight from Florida...good planning on his part!

In the past, I shared a few photos of the Florida house with you, but not the bedrooms. I thought as long as I was here I would snap a few pics of the guest bedroom to share.


The wall color varies, it may look deep peach or pinky peach. It is one of those colors that changes with the light. A little out of the norm for my typical wall choices, but bright and cheery were my thoughts.  This is the one room that I used a real Florida wall color! Think of a Flamingo with a peach twist! And how about those lime pillows? Wait.......I think I hear Pharrell's "HAPPY" lyrics playing in the background!!

The twin bed coverlets are from LL Bean a few years ago.

I knew I wanted wicker chests and nightstands in the bedrooms. I love wicker in warmer climates, it adds a nice relaxing feel to the room. I  also fell in love with the shell-like cupped drawer handles on both pieces. We found these at Pier One Imports.

I love decorating with shells and things from the starfish! The plate resembled the ocean as you look through the beautiful blue water in to the pebbly sand beneath.

On one of our visits to Florida, my husband and I went to the Art Fair in Naples. We bought this great luggage rack. It was just what we needed to add to this room for our guests. It's bright orange color and fun print straps are a nice whimsy addition to the other furnishings.  Its' a subtle hint to our guests that they have arrived and it's relaxation and good times ahead. Now open that suitcase, grab your bathing suit and let's hit the beach!

Well that's our guest room.  Bright yet cozy,fun, and inviting for all of our family and friends! Hope you enjoyed taking a peek.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday!


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