Wednesday, June 25, 2014


We always have so much fun with the girls when they come home. I must admit, selfishly, we enjoy the one-on-one time with each of them. That's the time when we really get to catch up on their life at a much deeper level. Dad stays up at night chatting (because he is a night owl like they are) and I enjoy the day hours with them. It works out quite well.

I saved my trip to the thrift store so that my daughter could come along. She's always up for treasure hunting! In fact, I think all of the girls inherited that gene! 

 It was quite a successful trip. We found a beautiful white small soup tureen, a white platter, and what I really wanted.......a utility cart.

My daughter was such a trooper. She pushed the shopping cart through aisles and aisles of treasures......all while the utility cart stuck out of the side of the shopping cart. There were many,"excuse me moments" as we perused the store, but what a wonderfully fun day! Laughing, making friends in the aisles and of course the "score" of my cart for $12.00!

I wanted a small utility type cart that I could keep as a food prep area next to our grill. This little IKEA number was perfect!

Here it is BEFORE, DURING  and AFTER my DIY job! I used Valspar Outdoor Gloss Red Queen..... to change the color, and I love the's perfect! I had to apply 3 generous coats, drying each coat before applying the next.

I left the top area for food prep and am using the bottom two shelves for sundries like; condiments, grilling tools, plates and glasses. The handle on the right side is great for hanging a towel for those unexpected spills.

I love the way the Grilling Cart turned out. It will certainly get a lot of use when the hubby is grilling. :) I can't wait for that!

Here is what the entire grilling area looks like--

Now everything is neat and orderly and ready for all of those upcoming cookouts!

I hope you enjoyed the blog today. Do you have a prep area by your grill? 

Have a wonderful Wednesday and we'll see you on FOODIE FRIDAY for the most delicious dessert, perfect for SUMMER!


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