Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Good Morning Friends---- I can't believe it's Wednesday already! Easter will be here in just a few days.
Are you ready? Are you hosting Easter dinner or brunch? I'm not this year. The girls decided to come home over the 4th of July so that we have more time to spend with each other. That's okay with my husband and I because we like the longer visits with them anyway!!

We currently have two invites out for Sunday and am working out the logistics to see if we are able to do both. Either way....we will be with friends and we are very thankful!

Today I'm making a sweet "thank you" for one of our neighbors. As soon as warm weather hit, many of us were in our yards trying to get a head start on erasing Winter and welcoming Springtime. One of our neighbors offered us their wheel barrel to speed up the process of getting the mulch to the beds. And of course we said, "sure, and thanks a bunch!" This meant that we now had two wheel barrels, one for each of us......ending up cutting hours off our mulch spreading project. YAY!

I think it's always nice to "thank" someone when  they go out of their way to help us with a little something. It was the perfect time to make a batch of Chocolate Bunny Bark, being Easter is only a few days away. Our youngest daughter had found the recipe and passed it along to all of us. We all were looking for a good excuse to make it so that we could sample it.

I love to make bark, especially colorful bark! Pastel colors, deep dark chocolate, and a pretty white chocolate easy and delish.

The recipe link is below,just copy and paste the link-----I did use a 17 1/2 inch by 13 inch pan for mine. I like the thickness best by using this size pan.

Do you have someone on your Easter list that would love this beautiful sight?  I sure hope our neighbor does!

                                                         Wishing you a sweet Wednesday!


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