Monday, April 7, 2014


I am so excited to share today's blog with all of you! You know I am always looking for fun, practical and beautiful ideas to share....check out this DIY/DIT Vintage Jello Mold Planter for an Umbrella Table!

Knowing I was in need of a DIY project for this week, I coaxed my husband into going to the local thrift store with me on Saturday. We browsed the aisles looking for treasures. I think he enjoyed it as much as I did. We came home with several treasures I will be able to use in not only today's blog, but upcoming ones as well.

For today's blog I am using 2 Vintage Jello Molds, at a price of $.95 each that we found at the thrift store.

I decided to spray paint these and use them as planters in the center of my patio table. They fit perfectly around the umbrella pole. My husband painted them for me.....he says this makes this project a DIT---"DO IT TOGETHER" project....and he is right!

After making a quick trip to the nursery I purchased some beautiful pansies for one of the molds. I love the fresh color of Pansies in the Spring. I placed a small layer of potting soil in the bottom of each painted mold, and then arranged the pansies with fresh soil around them. It was as easy as that! Look at how pretty they are.

I decided that the other mold would be great for an herb garden, but then found these beautiful lettuce plants. I couldn't resist............fresh lettuce for dinner...YUM! I can't wait to trim them and watch them regrow into new tender lettuce leaves.

 Items you will need for this project are:

2- vintage jello molds OR aluminum 5 1/2 cup mold ( I paid $.95 each) 
1-can of Krylon indoor/outdoor gloss paint (I used color True Blue) ($5.99)
Small amount of potting soil.
Pansies to fill the ring. (I used  #6--$3.99)
Lettuce plants to fill the ring (I used #7--$3.99)

My total project cost was $15.87

I hope you have enjoyed this fun "DIT" project. Now we can all have beautiful color or delicious herbs or lettuces in the center of our patio tables while entertaining!

                                                       Wishing you a wonderful Monday!


***Drop me a comment to let me know what you think of this great project. Thanks for being a friend of The Lavender Bouquet!