Sunday, April 20, 2014


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. My husband and I attended an awesome party at our neighbor's house. It was a beautiful day...we ate delicious food, met lots of new people and really enjoyed ourselves.

We missed our girls, but were surrounded by so many little munchkins running around Easter egg hunting, getting their faces painted and playing ball......we were kept more than busy.

I previously mentioned our middle daughter was hosting an Easter brunch yesterday for her friends. She decided to have each guest bring a decorated Easter basket containing contents of their choice, with a total price tag of no more than $25.00. Ultimately, this basket was to be judged on their creativity.

She asked me if I would be the judge for this contest. Of course I said, yes...OH THE PRESSURE!

I've never been a judge before! My daughter kept her submission on the QT so that I didn't even know which basket was hers!!! 

After everyone arrived I received a "Facetime" call from North Carolina. Each baskets' contents were described to me as I was shown the photo.  All of the baskets had been so carefully thought out, and everyone had put so much time and effort into making them, I wanted to give everyone a gift card and tell them they were all winners in my mind.......but that's not what a contest is all about. Darn!

After careful decision I chose Kelly as the winner of the contest. Kelly had fully created her own basket by sewing the creation herself. She also made some adorable little bunny pouches filled with candy in coordinating fabric. The basket was filled with all sorts of other goodies as well. There were so many good ideas submitted, it really was a tough decision.

I think this was such a great idea on my daughter's part. A little creativity, some competitive fun with friends, and outstanding food, certainly made her Easter brunch a great time!

                                                    Wishing you all marvelous Monday!


****What did you do for Easter? Drop us a line and share with us.