Friday, April 25, 2014


I hope you have been having a wonderful week. I've been in Florida for the week appreciating all of the great weather, glorious plants in bloom, and visiting with friends. No complaints here!

It never fails when I arrive here and wake up the very first morning, and open the slider door, I am amazed at the beauty around us......such a wonderful world God has created for us to enjoy! This trip the hubby is able to join me for a few days too; an added bonus.

Every morning I walk past 4 lakes full of ducks, and trees with birds chirping like crazy. We've been known to have an alligator or two spotted occasionally also. They've never come up into our yard, thankfully!!

As I walked today I took some photos that I thought you might enjoy. This is only some of the beauty.........

Of course, there's also a "special chair" calling my name in the afternoons. A little ice tea, a good book, of course sun screen, and that's what I call paradise. I just picked up this colorful blanket for the beach at Old World Market.....I am loving the colors!!!

Wishing you a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

See you on Monday.....


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