Friday, December 13, 2013

House Tour 2013-Kitchen/Dining Room

It's been a bit crazy this week trying to get all of my decorating done and ready to go to print. I apologize that I have not posted photos sooner. Since blogging is all new to me this year I didn't realize exactly how much work was ahead of me. I promise next year will be much more streamlined.

Starting in my kitchen and dining room-- I love to decorate some of the little nooks and crannies with a little holiday cheer. We may as well be festive while we are cooking our meals and baking our cookies.

Displaying  my Christmas cookbooks and festive coffee cups in my new DIY coffee nook was a given.  The display shelf in the kitchen is a great place for my Villeroy and Boch Christmas themed platter. I love it in the evening when the lights are on. A corner on my countertop keeps the Santa cookie jar close at hand for the kids, and the skate centerpiece lights the area.
I purchased the veggie/fruit basket in Sur La Table a couple months ago, because I needed something I could keep in a convenient spot while preparing food. A little transformation with some garland berries, and adding some pomegranates, turns it into a bit more festive look. I also bought the Rosemary tree in the grocery store, re-potted it, and added a bow.........oh how fragrant my kitchen is. On the corner of my island I added a snowy covered reindeer full of shiny brite Christopher Radko ornaments, a  cranberry candle on a mercury glass candlestick, some  glittery greens, and of course my calendar Santa.

The other two photos are from my dining room. I attached a miniature Dogwood wreath to the
back of each formal dining room chair with a black and white stripe ribbon. The photo of the beautiful hanging spray is a gift from my niece. I have two of them and they are attached to my dining room buffet lamps for a bit more shine.

 Hope are enjoying the photos! More to come........