Sunday, December 14, 2014

THROWBACK--Tartan Christmas Tablescape

Welcome to throwback Wednesday....check out my Tartan tablescape from 2013!

Last week was such a whirlwind full of celebrations for our family. We call this our "Thanksmas Weekend." We were all (16 of us) able to make it to WNY despite the snow storm that threatened on time arrivals at the last minute. We celebrated our Thanksgiving on Thursday and our family Christmas on Saturday........which means presto chango, tablescapes went from Fall pumpkins and gourds to frosty greens and sparkles in one day!

Tartan Christmas Tablescape

I have not hidden my love for Tartan plaid this year. I found two Tartan red plaid table runners in Home Goods. I always love to use Christmas red somewhere during my decorating. To me nothing is more beautiful this time of year!

The tablescape required:
1.  2--plaid table runners (Home Goods)
2.  3--snowy evergreen branches (Michaels
3.  3--mercury glass candlesticks (Home Goods)
4.  6--crystal like short candlestick holders (Dollar General)
5.  6--white taper candles (Michaels)
6.  2--white tablecloths (Bed Bath Beyond)
7.  2 --strings of pearl garland (Michaels)
8.  6--small red ornaments (Michaels)
9.  2--mercury glass pedestal Christmas trees (Home Goods)
10. 3--6-inch white candles with glittery sparkles (Kohl's)
11. 16--red chargers (The Christmas Store)
12. 16-red linen napkins (folded to look like a bow tie--see U-tube video on How To)
13.  16-red berry napkins rings (The Christmas Store)

Starting from the bottom and building up; add the table runners to the center of the table. Find the center of your table and place the evergreen twigs with mercury candlesticks in between the branches so that you build outward with the rest of the materials. Find the center of each side and place the mercury tree, one on each side, then add a string of pearls around each tree and simply scatter 3 small red ornaments on top of the pearls. Space the taper candles in crystal like holders on the table for candlelight from one end to the other. Add the red chargers, white plates, and red linen napkins, folded to resemble a "bow tie." My daughter, created these by following a U-tube video online.

I hope you enjoy my Christmas tablescape. Why not try a Tartan tablescape on your table this year!


 ****This year my family chose to use white divided disposable plates making clean-up much easier and leaving more "family time" when opening our gifts.