Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Countdown to Christmas--Week #2---DIY Duster Wreath

Welcome to the second posting for Countdown to Christmas- Everything DIY.  For the next six Wednesdays I will be posting some quick and easy ideas to encourage your inner foodie, decorator, and "gift giver." Today I am posting something that my youngest daughter and I made over the weekend.
When I saw the idea, I said to my daughter, "I thought of you because you are my vintage girl. What do you think?" She really liked it, hence today's project.

Welcome to Week #2- Duster Wreath


1.  6 boxes of dusters at Dollar General
2.  1- pipe cleaner is needed to hang the wreath--I had a white one on hand.
3.  1-coat hanger
4.  Ribbon of choice for bow


Step 1-Unfold the hanger making a round circle open ended.
Step 2-Slide open the end of  a duster and slide onto the wire until the complete circle is filled.
Step 3-Wind the 2 open ends together.
Step 4-Locate top of wreath and form a loop with the pipe cleaner, attaching it to the coat hanger frame--this will enable you to hang the wreath
Step 5-Make bow in ribbon of your choice color and attach.


*$5.00 for dusters
*$2.00 for ribbon

I hope you have enjoyed this DIY segment. Sometimes the simplest materials have the most beautiful
See you on Foodie Friday!