Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wine Wednesday!

Moving back to the Northeast meant my husband and I, once again, would have to reach out into the community, our neighborhood, and church and become involved. This has become the way we have met most of our new friends.

We happened to move into a very diverse neighborhood. We love learning about other cultures and customs. My grandmother was Italian and it is no secret that I have always LOVED everything Italian....their deep sense of Family, the delicious food, the way Italian's can throw a party always culminating with that perfect glass of vino! My husband on the other hand, LOVES Italian wine. Well much to our delight some of our new neighbors are Italian!

Boy did they teach my husband a little Italian fun on Saturday. My husband has a great interest in wine, and the wine making process. In fact, our family vacation will be in Napa this year touring several vineyards and of course sampling along the way.

Our neighbors are part of a very deep seeded heritage of wine making. Their father started this tradition long ago and one of his sons has taken over the process, adding his friends to lend a hand over the years.

This year my husband and I were asked to stop over to watch the process. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and afternoon. My husband first observed, but then ended up being up to his elbows in grapes. A little hands on learning experience on the process of making wine. He was in heaven!

Top left-- Photo#1 The grapes that have been sitting in covered vats for one week. These grapes were added to the press. Photo #2 The press that contains a balloon like bladder that presses them. Photo#3 Shows the inside of the press after all liquid is drained from the grapes. Photo #4 The liquid results-- with a hose that is draining into a steel holding tank where it will stay for one year.  Photo#5 More liquid that actually tastes like a wonderful grape juice at this stage.  Photo#6 The grapes look like raisins after all of their liquid has been squeezed out.
 PHOTO #7-----As always an Italian feast for a late lunch: sausage, peppers, onions, rolls, green salad, and deviled eggs, awaited the guys after their hard day of making vino for 2014!

 My husband's dream came true, loving every minute of learning the wine making process and chatting with his new friends.