Monday, October 7, 2013

New York City Street Fair--Arepas

New York City Street Fairs are the best in the world! We love perusing the streets crowded with people from all over the world. Oh my the sights you see---literally!

My husband and I recently took the train into the city and enjoyed an awesome day of exploring. We stumbled upon this great street fair that tempted our taste buds. Everything looked and smelled so delicious, it was difficult to not sample everything. Chicken Pitas, Smoked Turkey Legs, (have you ever seen such huge turkey legs?)  Chili Dogs, Sausage and Peppers, and ahhh yes, Arepas! 

We went to a Mt. Dora, Florida Arts Festival years ago. At that time we sampled our first Arepas (Sweet Corn Cakes with Cheese) and we fell in love! The photos above on the right side of the collage showcase the Arepas at the street fair. Of course we had to have one. They are outstandingly delicious!

Arepas are popular in Columbia and Venezuela. They consist of corn flour and fresh corn which makes them sweet. Crumbled queo fresco cheese adds to a salty contrast that is the melted cheese in the center. Picture two pancakes with cheese in between with the sweet taste of corn. Delish!

Next time you have a chance to attend a street fair or other fairs throughout the US, check out Arepas...I promise you will fall in love!