Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Coffee Nook

Do you have an area in your kitchen that you throw everything on as you walk through the door? When we first moved in my husband hung a great little set of hooks for our car keys, which we dutifully hang everyday as we come through the door.......but then there is this eye sore!
There was a little corner cabinet unit that the original owner built intended to be a small bar area, complete with upper and lower cabinets and granite that matches the perimeter countertops. The area is much to small for a bar, so it has become a place for us to pile mail, magazines, business cards, coupons....all of the JUNK that creates clutter. I hate clutter! (I cannot believe I am showing you my clutter!) 

If we had built our home from scratch, I would have incorporated a coffee station, but since that didn't happen...... I thought this little area would be a great place to improvise, turning it into a very useful space.

I keep a binder of all of my ideas so I started searching trying to find just the right
solution or at least something I could modify. I loved the idea of an open unit and
being able to grab my coffee this is how I started.

I began by clearing all of my junk and finding a new home in the study for it. That was interesting! Then I removed the upper glass door and inside shelving. I made a trip to my favorite hardware store in town and chose a Tuscan Red color to paint the inside  of the cabinet.

 I thought the wall above the granite needed a little something to make it pop so I went to Michaels and bought the following:

In Pinterest, I had seen a framed, burlap background picture with a painted wooden letter in the middle. I rather liked that, so I improvised with the above supplies. I took the frame apart and cut the cork lettered paper to fit neatly in the frame. I then painted the wooded "B" with stencil paint and glued it to the outside of the glass in the center once it was framed.  So easy!

I populated the cabinet with my favorite china, Mikassa French Countryside, and my Christmas cook books...which now have a home. The linen towel (Jacquard Francais) is what I mentioned in an earlier blog that I had purchased in Raleigh at A Southern Season, and they also had them in Chicago at Yvonne Estelles. 

It may not be a Miele Wall Unit, but I am okay with that. When my husband wants his espresso on the weekends, we'll merely make room in our little coffee nook for the added espresso maker. Somehow I think this little re-purposed area is going to please my husband when he comes home this evening......let's see.....1 qt. paint, a trip to Michaels, a little labor from the wife...and what truly brings a smile to his face.........the $$$$ I saved by not installing the Miele!

Have a wonderful day!