Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Little DIY Fun

Last evening I received my daily phone call from my youngest daughter. She said, "Mom you better get something up on your blog. I was looking for it today and there wasn't anything new."  I really did have something in mind that I wanted to do, but I just needed the time to be able to spend on it because it is a DIY project! It is 77 degrees and sunny today, a perfect day for my new creation. 

I LOVE the translucent glow of sea glass and the beautiful softness you feel to the touch. In searching on my favorite website for ideas, Pinterest, I found by investing in a $5.00 can of Frosted Glass spray paint I could turn regular jars that I had on hand, into something spectacular. If you have old jars or vases that you have tucked away thinking, I will use that "someday." This is the perfect time to get them out, and give this DIY a try.

I started with these:
I prepared my surface outdoors on my patio table with parchment paper, which worked pretty well. Working outside provides good ventilation, making sure of course that it is not a windy day.

The next result was this:

It was the easiest project I have ever done.

I thought I would play a bit with a place setting to complement my new little frosted glass inspiration. My love for black and white using accents of either yellow and lime-----let's just say, it's my favorite combination. You can dress a table for lunch with the girls or glam it up Tuscan style for a great evening party. If you are throwing a Tuscan theme party, June is always a great time to find fresh sunflowers. My favorite are the long stems in a large rustic urn.

 I decided not to run and buy the sunflowers from Wegman's (which are just beautiful right now), but to use some beautiful yellow from my own garden. Love, Love, Love the result!  Soft and natural!

Hope I have inspired you to run to Home Depot and grab that can of Frosted Glass for your next project.

Have Fun!